Kathy Blahunka, Assessor

News from the Assessor's Office

Theresia M. Yakes retires from the position of Shields Township Assessor, having served the Township since 1987. She took over responsibility as the Township Assessor from the late Maurice DeWulf. During her time in office, she served three terms on the Board of the Illinois Property Tax Assessment Institute, with one year as the Board Chair, three terms as President of the Lake County Township Assessors Association, and a term as President of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Rotary Club. In 2000, she received the Marshall Theroux Memorial Leadership and Distinguished Achievement Award.

Theresia was and is well respected by her peers and her previous staff. We would like to thank Theresia for her service to the Township and the community and wish her the best in the future.

An alert for "Snowbirds": Married couples who own a home in Illinois as well as another state are not eligible to receive the General and Senior Homestead Exemptions in both states. In some states the penalties for doing this can be very high. Please call the Shields Township Assessor's office at 847-234-3485 if you have questions about this matter.

The Township Assessor is an elected position that oversees the property assessment within the Township. The Assessor’s Office staff is responsible for establishing the market value on all parcels of real estate on an annual basis. The assessed value is used to determine each taxpayer's share of the tax burden. Fairness and equity are applied to all assessments to ensure fair distribution of taxes.

There is no limit as to how much an assessment can change, up or down, because the goal is to have equitable assessments at 33.33% of market value per property tax laws in Illinois.

The assessors maintain the property records in an electronic computer system established by the Chief County Assessment Officer. Each property record details the land and any improvements to the land site.

The Assessor does not levy taxes or set the tax rates. Taxes are determined by the levies set by the local government body servicing the taxpayers.

The Assessor’s office is available to Township property owners during scheduled business hours, or by appointment.

Assessment and property tax information

Access to property record information, listed by property index number (PIN) or by address, is avaiable through the Lake County Chief County Assessment Office website.

If you have any questions, please phone the Assessor’s Office at 847-234-3485 or contact the staff via email (see Contact Us for email addresses).

Property Tax Relief

Illinois law has established several programs to provide property tax relief to qualifying property owners. These include the Illinois Homestead Exemption Program, Senior Citizens Real Estate Tax Deferral Program, Senior Citizens Circuit Breaker Grants, Disabled Veterans Exemption, and others. Information on these programs may be found on the Property Tax Relief tab of the Lake County Chief County Assessment Office website.

Assessor's Staff

Kelly Ugaste
Chief Deputy Assessor

Jill Landry
Deputy Assessor

Terry Huber
Deputy Assessor