Elected Officials

Shields Township Board

The Shields Township Board consists of the Supervisor and four Trustees. Together, these five voting members establish Township policy, approve bill payments, and certify tax levies. All Township officials are elected to four-year terms.


Jeff Urso

The Supervisor, as the executive officer of the Township, manages its day-to-day operations and is independently responsible for administering the General Assistance Program. The Supervisor oversees all the programs of the Township and conducts the monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees. The Supervisor is a voting member of the Board.

The Supervisor's office staff is trained to assist with all of the programs the office administers.


The Township Assessor is an elected position that oversees the property assessment within the Township. The Assessor’s Office staff is responsible for establishing the market value on all parcels of real estate on an annual basis. The assessed value is used to determine each taxpayer's share of the tax burden. Fairness and equity are applied to all assessments to ensure fair distribution of taxes.


Tammy Bryan

The Township Clerk keeps the official records of the Township, takes minutes of all Township Board meetings, and helps to disseminate information about Township meetings, budgets, and activities.

The clerk's office also serves certain election-related functions, including serving as the distribution point for election materials from the County Clerk for precinct election judges.


David Weil

Brady Andersen

Kathryn Walker-Eich